Codependence, Containers, & Contribution


I’m listening for a second time to a terrific podcast on going from codependency to authenticity via Atarah Valentine, Emma Dunwoody, and Human Design Podcast.

“The term, ‘healing journey’ implies there is something inherently wrong that needs to be fixed. It is outdated and shaming. We are all whole human beings. Some of what we learned in life is working for us still and we get to keep those things. Some of what we learned used to work for us and is now holding us back. Those are the spaces we are going to focus our attention and learn our way through. Our individual power is always inside of us.”

Atarah Valentine

I’m thinking about the power of containers (or “proven structure[s]”) as metaphors, inspired by Davóne Tines as covered by The New York Times:

“I really like structures,” Tines, who is in his mid-30s, told The New Yorker of “MASS” last year. “The ritualistic template of the Mass is a proven structure — centuries of culture have upheld it. Anything that I put into it will assume a certain shape. And what I put into it is my own lived experience.”

Davóne Tines
Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

And I’m contemplating the meanings behind gene key 8: The Gate of Contribution: aka, my Human Design Gene Keys Vocation Sphere.

“Human Design Gate 8 is the energy for authenticity and self expression. Gate 8 makes the most difference in the world by staying true to itself and empowering others to do the same.”

“Your Vocation is your unique genius and core talent.”